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Not Queratina, Karmatin™

Our microencapsulated

The problem with keratin.

Queratina proteins are the structural building blocks of our hair. One way to strengthen hair weakened by environmental stressors, chemical processing and heat styling is to replace the depleted keratin. That’s why keratin is a favorite ingredient in conventional hair care products. But taquí are two big problems with that.

It rinses out.

The keratin found in productos capilares doesn’t bond with thehair. The molecules don’t adaquí to hair follicles, so it justrinses out! The only way to get keratin to bond with thehair is to get a keratin treatment, a.k.a “Brazilian blowout.” This involves toxic chemicals like formaldehyde. Just say no to that.

It’s not vegan.

Since keratin only occurs naturally in the cells of humans,insects and animals, it necessarily contains animalbyproducts. It’s literally putting processed, hydrolyzedanimal proteins on your hair. Not great.


The Scientific Process of Replicating A Structure or Substance that occursin Nature

How is Karmatin™ made?



The process of using sonication(sound waves) to resize andreshape particles for greaterbioavailability.

How does Karmatin™bond to hair?

We take the vegan b-Silk™ base protein and break it into smaller particles and encapsulate them with a thin liposome (or fat layer), transforming them into tiny vehicles that are small enough to fit into the rough crevices of damaged hair follicles. By the time these tiny delivery vehicles reach their intended destination, the liposomes dissolve, leaving the vegan protein bonded to the follicle, so it can remain attached even when you rinse your hair.

Benefits of Karmatin™

Absorbs 10x Its Weight In Moisture

40% More Shine

30% More Color Vibrance

95% Color Protection Against Salt And Chlorine

What are the benefits of Karmatin™?

Karmatin™ creates a sheath around the hair that leavesit with a silken feel and glass-like shine. Karmatin™outperforms silicone and does not dry out the hair orclog pores. You feel the effects immediately

rinses outstays on the hair
requires salon treatment to bond to the hairbonds to hair instantly at home
requires formaldehyde to bond to hairnon-toxic
made from animal byproduct100% vegan
heat process damages hair with every treatmentimproves salud capilar cumulatively
hardens hair over timeinstant glass-like, silken feel

Would you like to experience the combined wonders of science and nature in your hair care?

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